IceTrack is a biobank information management system maximizing flexibility and usability (drag & drop)
  • Fully configurable
    • All the components of IceTrack are fully configurable (for example type of tube ...)
    • Client-server architecture with web-based interface designed according to usability guidelines.
  • Implementation of the standard features of a Biobank Information System
    • Chain of custody
    • Traceability of samples
    • Shipping tubes
    • Quick search
    • Tube labelling for grouping tubes in a flexible way
    • General statistics
    • Temporary storage
    • Management of patients/Assignment to cohorts
    • Management of informed consent
    • Interoperability with printers and barcode readers
    • Correspondent to ISBER-2012 Best Practices for Repositories

  • Integration with i2b2 Clinical Data-Warehouse

    The integration into the datawarehouse system of information on samples stored in the biobank allows the user to be able to make fast search by selecting patients for which they are present in the biobank samples with certain characteristics. It is unclear how such a feature appears to be critical to designing clinical trials or more specifically molecular studies.

  • Demo and tutorial



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